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Mark Barnett

Categories: Painting, Visual Arts

Out of the Blue Abbeymount Studios


Mark Barnett was born in Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1995.  He is currently studying at the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting.


Creating art is an innate part of my life. I am an interdisciplinary mix-media artist and much of my work is an intuitive process, which is focused on the spontaneous expressive gestural movement of media and paint; which uses my entire body. My work is driven by a strong interest in Eastern sensibilities and nature. Each brush stroke aims at manifesting the meditative respiration of ‘Now’ into physical and artistic action. Thus arriving in an intuitive revelation of the specific, simultaneous existence of ‘Being’ and the world.

“The role of the artist is to become part of nature…In the instant, there is a coincidence of events – wind blowing, grass growing, brush strokes appearing. All there is, is in the instant … painting in the instant can be compared to the meditative state in which the mind is open to its vastness. It is the experience of being at one … painting in the instant is the direct manifestation of the unknown through the painter as the instrument. The painter disappears in the instant, and reappears in the painting.” Gordon-Onslow Ford