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Eye Joy Art

Categories: Graphic Design, Illustration

Out of the Blue Abbeymount StudiosContact: Sonya Mitchell

Ever since I was wee, I have always found joy in the visual order of things and organising my surroundings. For me, creating an artwork is like the excitement of moving into a new home and deciding where all your treasured objects belong.

I have a passionate fancy for all things geometric, fine liner pens, architecture, the colour swatch wall in the paint aisle, beach treasure combing, nostalgia, textiles and hygge-liness. My favourite way to get inspired is to wander around the glorious city of Edinburgh and take note of the beautiful details on my stroll.

As a perpetual worrier, I find the repetitive, orderly action of my process shooshes my mind and makes room for quiet concentration. I am naturally drawn to creating meticulous, intricate work which requires all my focus and as a result, slows down my breathing making my practice meditative and calming. Making art fulfils me not only in my desire to cram my life with beauty; it takes care of my wellbeing too!

After growing up in the Scottish Highlands and studying in Glasgow, I have settled as a freelancing visual artist in Edinburgh after studying Painting at Edinburgh College of Art where I developed my drawing style.